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Elgato WAVE Panels Starter Set - Black

Elgato WAVE Panels Starter Set - Black

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Wave Panels transform any space into a professional acoustic environment. Two foam layers of varying densities reduce both room echo and reverberation. Plus a concealed air pocket provides additional sound trapping. The result is all-round tonal balance for a superior broadcasting and listening experience. A hexagonal profile means Wave Panels can be configured to suit any space while proprietary EasyClick Frames make installation a breeze. Create multiple constellations, design unique shapes, and switch out colors on the fly. With Wave Panels, its easier than ever to fine-tune your space for that superior sound and feel.

- Dual density foam construction reduces room echo and reverberation
- Optimizes the audio quality of live broadcasts and recordings
- Enhances your stereo or surround sound listening experience
- Modular hexagonal profile enables limitless setup customization
- Proprietary EasyClick Frames ensure quick and easy assembly
- Minimal mounting materials needed
- tesa adhesive strips plus screws and anchors included
- Add and remove panels with ease

- Dimensions per panel: 1.85 x 19.33 x 16.77 in / 47 x 491 x 426 mm
- Weight per panel: 8.8 oz / 250 g
- Area per panel: 1.72 sqft / 0.16 m
- Weight per frame : 1.8 oz / 50 g
- Panel material: PU (polyurethane) & PES (polyester, cross-lapped)
- Frame material: Composite plastic

Box Contents:
- 3 x Wave Panels design A
- 3 x Wave Panels design B
- 6 x EasyClick Frames
- 10 x EasyClick Connectors
- 12 x screws and anchors
- 12 x tesa adhesive strips
- Quick Start Guide
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